Citizens of Vaughan call for a Moratorium on Sprawl

Sustainable Vaughan request the City remove the urban sprawl in the white belt lands from the New Official Plan and focus growth in the existing Urban Boundary, in both the designated intensification and the existing Greenfield areas, reviewing the need for expansion in the mandated five year time frame.

White Belt lands are rural lands not protected under the Green Belt or Oak Ridges Moraine conservation legislation. Currently White Belt lands have a moratorium on development. These lands can be made available for development under strict rules set out by the province only if the city agrees to extend its urban boundary to include them for development.

During sessions and workshops held by the city about the new official plan, citizens expressed their displeasure over continued urban sprawl and their preference for dense, vibrant, pedestrian oriented development. This is the type of development that would reduce car use and thus congestion on our roads.

The Coalition strongly believes there should be a five year moratorium on any expansion of the urban boundary onto existing White Belt lands for these reasons:

1. The cities consultants concluded that expansion is not necessary.

2. Expansion is environmentally destructive.

3. Expansion will ultimately increase your taxes.

4. Expansion will create further traffic congestion.

5. There’s no justification for making a rushed decision.

Sustainable Vaughan is a collection of concerned and active local residents representing an organized and educated voice on issues regarding the environment, sustainability and growth within the city of Vaughan.

Sustainable Vaughan will be hosting an information session regarding the Official Plan and the proposed urban boundary extension on Thursday May 13 at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 414, 60 Legion Court Road, Woodbridge.

To join Sustainable Vaughan or to keep informed about our causes please email

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