Eve Roa Deputation to Vaughan Council May 17, 2010

I am here on behalf of the future generation. My children are being taught in school to live an environmentally friendly life. They are taught to do their share by recycling, turning off the light, and use less water, to bicycle more, to walk more.

What are the officials and developers doing to make this an environmentally friendly city? Do they care about the future of the next generation?

There is nothing wrong with economic growth, as long as it is done focusing on the fact that WE ARE NATURE, and NATURE IS US: PEOPLE.

I support development between the current city boundaries only if it is environmentally friendly.

I support ONLY sustainable residential development

I support a pedestrian and bicycle friendly residential development

I support the improvement of public transportation. The Keele Steet and Kirby Road area needs more frequent bus service. It takes me 1 ½ hours to get to York Central Hospital where I work, with a bus. It takes me only 10 minutes with the car. There are absolutely no bus service between 10 AM and 3 PM.

I oppose the Kirby Road and Dufferin Street area’s residential development. I believe we should first increase the density within the existing city boundaries.

I oppose any destruction of green areas, white lands, and forests.

I oppose the development beyond the current city binderies.

I would like you to listen to the following wise Cree Indian saying:

“ Only when the last tree has died,
And the last river been poisoned,
And last fish been caught,
Will we realize
We CANNOT eat money.”

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