Susan Sigrist Deputation to Vaughan Council May 17th, 2010

Attention: Clerk’s Department, City of Vaughan

I wish to be notified of the adoption of the Official Plan.

I do not agree with items in the official plan.

I do not support urban expansion into the white belt between Teston Rd. and Kirby Rd.
and Jane St. and Keele St. (Block 27), and similar between Pine Valley and Weston
(Block 41).

1. Specifically related to Block 27

This area has been identified as Priority 1 – Terrestrial Natural Heritage Regeneration site
in the Don Watershed Regeneration Plan. (Don River Watershed Plan – Beyond 40 Steps
– Prepared by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, 2009, 5-33 & Fig. 27)
The terrestrial natural heritage system includes forests, meadows and wetlands, and the
plants and animals that inhabit them. The terrestrial natural heritage system provides
many benefits that are critical to the health of the Don Watershed. It helps maintain
water balance and stream stability, protects aquatic ecosystems, provides wildlife
habitats, moderates climatic conditions, and absorbs air pollution. (5.2.2)
The area noted above is part of the Upper West Don River (longest branch) and its
watershed. This area contains half of the watersheds higher quality terrestrial habitat and
some of the best opportunity to add natural cover. It also contains aquatic habitat
supporting some of the few remaining habitat specialists. (5.2.1 FMZ2, 6.2.1),
Headwaters of the West Don River

Target Community: Indicator Species – near term: blacknose shiner, northern redbelly
dace, Johnny darter – long term: brassy minnow (Fig. 25)

2. I support this land continuing to be used as agricultural for local produce. Vaughan
should be a model for other cities to support and encourage the production and
consumption of locally grown produce – a city that can support itself. This could also be
an area for private and community garden plots, where everyone could have the
opportunity to get back to the earth.

3. I do not support any urban expansion in Vaughan. Existing lands in the current urban
boundary should be intensified to support people numbers expected over the next 20
years. This would support the proposed transit system also. Vaughan needs more
dwellings where young singles, new couples, and retirees, singles and couples can live.
The tradition of Vaughan being a community for families in single family dwellings does
not allow for the “family” to live nearby into the future. Graduating university/college
children, and new couples cannot live in the neighbourhood as there is inadequate
smaller, affordable residences available. The elderly are forced to maintain their “too
large” single family home as there are insufficient townhomes and apartments to suit
their needs. Secondary suites are another means of providing affordable residences for
this group. When these types of accommodations become available, this will free up
numerous single family homes for those moving into Vaughan. With the changing
demographics, this is a perfect alternative to further urban sprawl and expensive
infrastructure expansion.

In summary, by eschewing the mono-cultural sprawl of single-family dwellings
through intensification, multi-use, affordable housing within the present urban
boundaries and (4.) allowing secondary suites in existing residential areas,
Vaughan can meet the needs of a more diverse demographic – young people just
out of University with their first jobs, retirees, and those recently arrived to

5. I support the control of drive-throughs in Vaughan’s Official Plan. A by-law
controlling drive-throughs addresses clean air. This will also encourage residents
to get out of their cars, walk in their communities and become more physically
active, supporting a healthier lifestyle.

6. I support the deputation of Sony Rai of Sustainable Vaughan. Two weeks is not
enough time to review the Draft Official Plan. It does not give the public enough
time to discuss whether the urban boundary should be extended. I support a five-
year moratorium on expanding the city’s urban boundary onto the white belt lands.

Susan Sigrist
27 Matterhorn Road
Maple, ON L6A 2V4

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