Vaughan Council to Re-Vote on Urban Boundary Expansion

Former Co-Director of Sustainable Vaughan and newly elected Councillor Deb Shulte
is bringing forward a resolution to remove the Urban Boundary Expansion from the new
Official Plan.

Click to access CWA0111_15.pdf

This resolution will be occurring on Tuesday January, 11 at 1:00pm
in the Council Chambers of the Vaughan Civic Centre,
2141 Major Mackenzie Drive.

Deb has managed to get the support of three other councillors. To
over turn this expansion however she requires five votes in total. She
is one vote shy of making this resolution a reality.

Some members of council believe the urban boundary expansion wasn’t
a big issue in Vaughan during the last election, and don’t believe more
sprawl will create problems.

As Sustainable Vaughan members and supporters your help is urgently
needed to help convince the remaining councillors that you are strongly
against the urban boundary expansion.

How can you help?

1. Write to the Mayor and Council to tell them how you feel.
Cut and paste the email below or write your own and send it
to the email addresses listed.

2. Show Up.
If you can make it out on Tuesday to show your support for
Deb it would be greatly appreciated.

3. Forward this email to other concerned citizens.

Letter to the Mayor and Council

Mayor Bevilacqua and Members of Vaughan Council,

As a citizen, voter and tax payer of this city, I am strongly opposed to the Urban
Boundary Expansion contained in the new Official Plan.

Creating sprawl and developing more single and semi-detached homes is not a priority for this city.
Traffic congestion however is a major problem. Expanding the city will only increase traffic
congestion on our roads. Council needs to shift priorities and stop urban sprawl and start creating
a real plan to reduce congestion.

On Tuesday, January 11th I am hoping you will address my concerns and the city’s real
problems and vote in favour of removing the Urban Boundary Expansion from the new Official

Thank you,

Your Name
Your Address;;;;;;;;

Your continued help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Sustainable Vaughan

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