Sustainable Vaughan Hosts GTA West Corridor Information Night

The Province of Ontario has cancelled the southern portion of the mega Highway which was to connect to the proposed GTA West Corridor, beginning at Highway 400 and cutting through the Niagara Escarpment down to the Niagara Peninsula.–province-puts-brakes-on-controversial-highway?bn=1

The Northern portion of this highway which runs through Vaughan is still in the planning process. However it is also a contentious issue in some regions.

Sustainable Vaughan will be holding an information night regarding the proposed GTA West Corridor (or as we`ve taken to calling it, The Green Belt Express). Sustainable Vaughan has raised opposition to the highway. Our bigger concern however is the lack of knowledge regarding the highway and its impact to existing residents. As with contentious large infrastructure projects initiated by governments, there is always a lack of information. Sustainable Vaughan would like to address this chasm.

As the Provincial election nears, we believe this highway will become a major election due to the impact on the city of Vaughan and most notably, the residents of Kleinberg. The cancellation of the southern half of this project is proof of this.

Sustainable Vaughan will be holding an information session on Tuesday August 9th at the Kleinberg Library, 10341 Islington Avenue North from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

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